Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bliss Bakery

Going through and editing my photos of a recent trip today I am reminded of a number of good times and certain highlights that were experienced. One category that keeps coming up is a number of coffee shops that were visited. Some of these businesses stand out and are often included as a favourite when visiting that community.

One of these businesses has to be the Bliss Bakery in Peachland. Located along the waterfront at 4200 Beach Avenue in the Gateway complex, Bliss Bakery offers a wide array of breads, pastries and coffee.

The facility is clean, open and if you prefer the outside has a good selection of tables with umbrellas offering panoramic views of Okanagan Lake. If you enjoy art Bliss Bakery sometimes features local photographers displaying pictures and artwork of the Okanagan.

Bliss Bakery web site:

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