Thursday, November 12, 2009

Remembrance Day on the Jordan River FSR

Remembrance Day was very special this year as an informal group of us called Club Mud attempted to go on a hike near Jordan River called the Kludahk Trail.

Following information from the Kludahk Outdoors Club we went in search for trail access. The search involved travelling on Hwy 14 north Jordan River to the campground site for China Beach Provincial Park.

From here we then drove the Jordan River Main Line FSR which is located across from the campground until the 7 mile mark until the snow got too heavy for the vehicles. After parking we then hiked in the snow along the JR FSR looking for access signs for the Kludahk Trail.

Along the route a moment of silence was held at 11:11 am in respect for the fallen soldiers who had fought in previous wars and sacrificed themselves in order for Canadian’s to live in freedom and democracy.

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate for the group as the road up to the trailhead became increasing difficult to travel on because of the snow cover. We never did find any signs or markers for the Kludahk Trail but we all enjoyed ourselves especially when we all got caught in a torrential hailstorm walking back to the vehicles.

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