Saturday, January 30, 2010

Coastal Renaissance

As we headed out to the BC Ferries Terminal this weekend on Friday the traffic was very busy around 3 pm, I figured there is no way we are going to make it, especially with the 2010 Olympics only 2 weeks away.

What appeared to be disappointment turned out to be an expected "Yes you made the extra 4 pm sailing" by the BC Ferries attendant collecting money. Not only did we make the 4 pm sailing, but we boarded the new vessel the Coastal Renaissance.

What a treat to go aboard the Coastal Renaissance with the new vessel better than expected. The seating area seemed to have more room, the chairs way more comfortable and as we sailed, the vessel was definitely more quiet than any other vessels in the BC Ferries fleet

Once we off-loaded at Tsawwassen the driving trip into Vancouver through Richmond and Delta was definitely at a different pace than experienced on Vancouver Island. Although there was a posted speed limit you would never know it by the cars whizzing by us.

All in all though we made it into North Vancouver safely and had a very good time even with the heavy rains.

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