Friday, January 15, 2010

Flooding on Colquitz Trail, Panama Flats

The hard rain in Victoria today finally let up around noon with the afternoon having some sunny periods around 1:30 pm. This provided an ample opportunity to get put on the bike for a ride along the Lochside Trail.

Going through Saanich towards Royal Oak Drive the regional trail was in good shape with very little water on the path. The views of Mount Douglas from the Blenkinsop Trestle were outstanding with the warm sunshine starting to dry out some of the ground cover and neighbouring farmers fields.

From Royal Oak Shopping Centre the trail down through Colquitz River proved to be OK but the water rushing down the waterway was very high and close to the top of the bank in certain areas.

Upon reaching Panama Flats by Roy Road there were signs up warning of flooding along the Colquitz Trail. Proceeding along the trail the water in some places came right up to the pedals making for very wet bike shoes.

Panama Flats an area that is dry in the summer now resembled a lake with one person noting it was the highest he has seen the water. Once past Panama Flats and onto the Galloping Goose Trail near Interurban Road the ride proved to be a very pleasant experience as we were back in the sun.

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