Saturday, January 29, 2011

Old Baldy Mountain

We went with a hiking group called Club Mud up Old Baldy Mountain which is located near Shawnigan Lake on southern Vancouver Island.

To get to the start of the unmarked trailhead we had to travel along Shawnigan Lake Road to McKernan Road, then on Galland Road to Baldy Mountain Road, turn on Strathcona Heights Road to Hawking Road. Travel to just near the end of Hawking Road and look for the closed yellow gate across a old forestry road on the left. This is the start of the trail up the peak of Old Baldy Mountain.

The trail at the beginning follows a steep gravel road up to a radio tower perched above a beautiful western view of Shawnigan Lake. From here you follow an unmarked trail that meanders through and along a slippery rock face into a slight forested area to the top of Baldy Mountain. At the top there is now a view towards the west of the Gulf Islands and the Gulf of Georgia (Salish Sea), unfortunately for us it was raining and quite foggy with very little visibility.

The hike down was very fast compared with the fairly steep climb going up. After the walk the Club Mud group celebrated the trip up Old Baldy Mountain with a visit to the Village of Shawnigan Lake and lunch at a small cafe called the Village Chippery. The group mainly ordered fish and chips and to the enjoyment of everyone the meal was very good.