Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vanderhoof Eateries

So far one of the highlights of the 2010 summer was the discovery of a couple of really good places to eat in Vanderhoof.

The first place to visit, on the advice of the owner of Siesta Inn, was to try the dinner at the Reid Hotel, located at 2508 Burrard Avenue, considered “the best place in Vanderhoof.” As it turned out where you ate was in the pub called The Reid Bar & Grill. Not too loud, open fairly late and plenty of comfortable seats available with big screen TV’s. The bacon burger and fries were very good and looking at items on other people’s plates everything on the menu was appetizing.

Vanderhoof’s other standout was a coffee shop that was also on Burrard Avenue at 2608 is called ‘The Bean Coffee House’. Situated across the street from the North Country Inn ‘The Bean House’ is an inviting place complete with Wi-Fi and country garden. The facility serves up fair trade and certified organic coffee from the Shuswap Coffee Company, has smoothies and some fresh baked goods including a selection of very tasty muffins and scones.

Both places are both worth the stop while you are travelling on Hwy 37 through Vanderhoof. Only a short walk on the main street of Vanderhoof, Burrard Avenue is close to most of the accommodation along Hwy 37 and the public campground near the Nechako River. Unfortunately the only negative part was if you had kids under the legal limit, The Reid Bar & Grill would be off limits. The next best alternative is the North Country Inn another local favourite located at 2645 Burrard Avenue.

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